The U Circa 2001 Just Doing The Damn Thing

Posted: January 31, 2013 by woody in Sports
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Before I get into this article, I wanna know who The University of Miami thinks they’re trying to fool with that slogan. Academics first, then life, THEN athletics? That should easily be the other way around, or you might as well just leave Academics off there altogether. But anyways, on to what I actually came here to talk about. How about the fucking 2001 Miami Hurricanes football team. I was only 11 and hadn’t started my transition into being an avid college football fan yet, I was still running around on the playground playing capture the flag or trying to table top my friends or trying to get an OTPHJ (over the pants hand job) from some 7th grader behind the dugout. Obviously, things have changes somewhat since than (sort of), and I have since heard about how good that team was. I mean obviously seeing as they won the National Championship, that’s usually a pretty good indicator that your a good team. But until I read this article earlier, I had no idea just how nasty they really were. So for starters, this roster produced 38 NFL draft picks, including 17 first rounders, aka more than half of the first round picks all came from the same team. Try to wrap your head around that. And it’s not like they just had dude’s who went to the NFL, had a short career, and have since been forgotten about. They had guys on defense, you might have heard of some of them, like Ed Reed (best safety I’ve ever seen play), Vince Wilfork, Sean Taylor (who tragically had his career cut short when he was shot during a house robbery a couple years back), Antrel Rolle, Jonathan Vilma, and DJ Williams. A wide receiver you might have heard of once or twice, Andre Johnson. A TE duo of Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow. And a trio of running backs that will never be duplicated in talent, with Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, and Frank Gore. Truly incredible to think about all the talent they had on that team, and I doubt that we’ll ever see anything like that again in college sports. But the reason I really wanted to talk about The U is because they will have 3 players from that team in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, with Ed Reed and teammate tackle Brian McKinnie going up against former teammate Frank Gore. These guys were winning the National Championship 12 years ago and now they will be the first members of that legendary squad to get a crack at the Super Bowl. The funniest part about it is that they used to joke in college that if none of them ever made the Super Bowl, they would all take a pay cut and go play for the Dolphins. That would have made for one hell of an ending to a story if that ever happened, but now none of them have to worry about it. No disrespect to Frank Gore, but here’s to Ed Reed and Brian McKinnie walking away with a Super Bowl ring on Sunday night. And here’s to The U circa 2001, still doing the damn thing 12 years later.


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