79 Year Old Bro Just Casually Being The Alpha Male Of 6 Different Wolf Packs

Posted: January 30, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Thank god for Facebook. Otherwise I wouldn’t have stumbled on this little story. Now I’ve heard of some crazy shit in my day, and we even had a dude who came to my high school who called himself the “Wolf Man” and would raise wolves and play with them or what not. He even brought in a couple to the school, although they had to stayed locked up at all times for obvious reasons. Can’t just have blood thirsty wolves running around school ripping apart little freshman like they were squirrels. But never in my day have I seen anything like what I read about today. So this guy Werner Freund, some German dude who used to be a paratrooper and a “professional gardner” (still haven’t exactly figured out what that means. I’m guessing a farmer, I’m just unsure as to why they wouldn’t say farmer in the first place. Not like there’s a professional gardening league with bro’s trying to out garden each other and win over judges or some shit). That was probably too long of a rant to put in parenthesis but I’m over it. Anyways, this German dude has just been chilling for the last 40 years of his life living with wolves. And cue the Honda commercial:


But actually. This guy literally lives with wolves. Werner, who describes himself as “half wolf” (yea prolly dude), regularly sleeps, eats, and wrestles with some 29 wolves in the wolf sanctuary that he owns. Talk about a sick fuck. Not only are his only friends wolves, but he’s the ALPHA MALE of over 6 different wolf packs. Like what!? Your pushing 80 bro. Between this guy and the fucking 101 year old who thinks its cool to still run marathons, I have been at an all time low this week because of what my life consists of at the age of 22. Whatever, couple more diet budweisers aka drinkability aka bud light, since that’s all I got at the house at the moment, and I’ll feel better about myself again. Cheers to this sicko.


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