NFL Pro Bowl

Posted: January 27, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports
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Definitely not pumped about the fact that this will be the first Sunday without football in months. Oh, whats that? The Pro Bowl is tonight? Fuck the stupid fucking Pro Bowl. It is by far the worst All Star game out of the four major sports. Easily. It shouldn’t even be considered football. I think the over/under for the amount of tackles made in tonight’s game is 1. I literally think that’s a bet you can make. The scary thing, I’d probably take the under. Like how many times do we have to watch bullshit play after bullshit play, year after year, before Roger Goodell takes his head out of his ass and makes some changes. If I were in charge, which we all know would make for a hell of a better world, I would say fuck the game all together. Obviously the players aren’t going to bust their asses after an entire season and risk getting hurt for next year, so why try to fight that? Just get rid of the game and make the day revolve around a series of skills competitions. It would be far more entertaining watching, say, the best WRs go 1 on 1 against the best DBs trying to score a touchdown, or watching QBs pinpoint balls through hoops 40 yards down field, or watching the best RBs go through rigorous obstacle courses trying to get the fastest time, or watching the kickers go kick for kick seeing how far they can hit a field goal from. You could come up with something for each position. Then have a fucking celebrity game of flag football at the end to wrap it all up. Honestly how hard would that be. And how much happier would everyone in the football world be. Sometimes I wonder how I wasn’t born as the commissioner of the universe.


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