“18 Things That Actually Exist”

Posted: January 27, 2013 by woody in Fun
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So I was fucking around on youtube earlier and at the end of a video, this was one of the suggest videos that pop up. Naturally, by the title alone, I was intrigued. Then I read the description “all of these things are actually real…..for some reason”. Knew I would be hooked from the second I saw the “tailly”. I’m easily going out to buy one of those horse trot sound effects for my bike and just cruise around town feeling like a boss. Also that flying lawnmower looks pretty clutch. The craziest thing in my opinion was that weird illusion room, still trying to figure out how that shit works out. Obviously has something to do with mirrors, but damn. But there was one thing out of all of them that I need and I needed it yesterday. That Delorean hovercraft. First off, the “Back To The Future” trilogy is simply money. But aside from that, that hovercraft is just fucking cool. You know how much ass you would get if you pick your date up in that thing and just whip around the beach. Endless amounts, that’s how much. And the funniest thing was those dumb Japanese people trying to play soccer with binoculars on. I first saw that video a while ago but forgot how funny it was. Just a great concept. I can guarantee that you put me out on that field with a pair of binoculars and I’d be running circles around those dumb asses though. They have clearly never played soccer before in their life. Overall a very informative 2 minutes and 51 seconds of my life, glad I stumbled upon it.


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