Snipe Has Clearly Lost His Marbles

Posted: January 25, 2013 by woody in Sports

Gonna keep this short and sweet (somewhat). First of all, the fact that Snipe is picking a winner for the Stanley Cup is laughable because he knows basically nothing about hockey. Also, some teams have only played 2 games. A little early to be throwing that type of shit around if you ask me, I don’t care how well the Blackhawks are playing right now. Second, fuck the Heat. And fuck them winning a title this year. Thunder all the way. Third, picking a national champion in college basketball is irrelevant these days because anyone can beat anyone on any given night. I’m not saying Michigan won’t win or that I don’t think they’re good, I just think its pointless. Lastly, and most importantly, I love what he said about Tiger. Everything spot on. This is no mere man he’s a fucking God and he is coming back with a vengeance this year. Just got a little taste of victory last year, despite it not being in a Major, and Daddy is hungry. I also believe he will he will be the last man standing in 2 Majors this year. Here’s to banging porn stars and America. Good day.


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