When Your Right Your Right

Posted: January 24, 2013 by woody in Fun, NFL, Sports
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Well, first of I’d like to apologize for the few days of absence. Went to the casino to win millions and, well, didn’t. Then decided to drown my sorrow by taking a mini vacation in a real place, which Kent is not. Luckily I had the asshole to keep up with the blog while I was gone. I’d like to note that I don’t just claim to be right all the time, I just am. Snipe likes to think I make up everything and can’t admit when I’m wrong, but go ahead and check the record books from the blog and you’ll see that I’m right on my predictions an incredible amount of the time, so I’m just not wrong that often, but I do admit when I am. 2 for 2 again this past weekend with my NFL picks. Snipe also claims that he “puts money” on his bets so that somehow makes him more legitimate than me, but I won $50 from him on the Atlanta San Fran game, and we wanted to bet $100 more on the Ravens Pats game, taking the pats, and in retrospect I should have taken that but I already had a $100 bet with my friends dad and I was just playing it safe for once after a tough night at the casino. I’ll wait until media day to make my Super Bowl predictions, because that is when you really get a feel for what the players are thinking. I will say that I pretty much can’t go against Ray Lewis and the Ravens at this point, but we’ll save the rest of the predictions for media day. We’ll see ya, be good.



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