The New Orleans Pelicans? Seriously?

Posted: January 24, 2013 by woody in Fun, NBA, Sports
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I am honestly offended at the news that I heard today. Apparently the New Orleans Hornets are changing their mascot to the Pelicans. Now, I get that the Pelican is Louisiana’s state bird or whatever, but what the fuck. You’re telling me that I’m supposed to get hyped up to play for a team called the Pelicans? Pelicans are probably top 5 worst birds of all time (future list?… doubtful). They just suck. Not to mention every team that plays the “Pelicans” in the future is going to have that extra edge when the game starts because who the fuck is going to want to lose to a team named the Pelicans. Talk about embarrassing. Not only are they changing their mascot from a badass Hornet to a gay fucking Pelican, they’re also going to change their colors from teal and purple to navy, red, and gold. What in the fuck is wrong with the world today. That color scheme is a fucking classic, and you want to go to something as boring as red, navy, and gold. Give me a break. How can you go wrong with these colors?


I don’t know anymore guys, I just don’t know. God help us all.


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