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Posted: January 19, 2013 by woody in Movies
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Wyclef Jean just came out with this new song called “Hip Hop”. Honestly an absolutely incredible song. I’ve always fucked with Wyclef, but I view him in a different light after giving this song a listen. Speaks on the entire rap game today and how shit has changed. Pays homage to all the all time greats along the way. It actually makes me sad to think about how kids are growing up these days and what they listen to. Music is probably the biggest influence in my life, always has been. Without all the great hip hop I listened to when I was a kid I’d be a completely different person today. I’d probably be a huge loser. Any kids reading this, turn off the Maroon5, I mean radio, and go do some research on real hip hop and start listening. You’ll be a better person.



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