Top 5 Shows On Premium Cable TV

Posted: January 18, 2013 by woody in TV
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I’d like to start off by first clarifying that this list will only include shows that are currently being aired on networks such as HBO, Showtime, etc. Since that is the case, I would also like to mention that although Entourage and The Wire would undoubtedly make this lest if they were still being made, they will be left out, just as Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development were left off  my  Top 5 Shows On Network TV  list. However, let it be known that all four of those shows are absolutely off the chains and I strongly recommend watching them.  Moving forward, lets get right into this list:

5) Homeland


I have to admit that I just started watching this show, so in all fairness I wasn’t exactly sure where to put it on the list. However, giving my love for the top 3 shows I have on this list, I’m assuming the highest it would reach on my list would be 4, but that all still remains to be seen. I will say this, watch the first episode of this show and you will be hooked. Without giving too much away, also with basically what I know so far, the story revolves around the two people seen above. The guy is a Marine who went missing in Iraq for 8 years and just returned home. The woman is a CIA agent who suspects the worst from him.

4) Weeds


I first started watching this show years ago, which is rare because I don’t have Premium Cable at my house because I live in the middle of fucking nowhere, so usually I’m late to hearing about shows, start watching them online, get hooked, and knock off the entire series in about a month. Not the case with Weeds, as I started about 5 years ago. I have to admit again that I have not seen the most recent season, but I’ve seen enough to know that its one of the 5 best shows still on Premium Cable. Nancy Botwin is your every day newly widowed single mom living in a gated community who starts to sell weed. Basically every weed smoker’s MILF dream come true. There’s a very well balanced mixture of comedy, sex, and violence mixed into this show, as well as some very good acting, which is what landed it at number 4.

3) Californication


Ahh Hank Moody. Literally the fucking man. Everything I aspire to one day become. Incredibly talented writer, author of a best seller, who drinks like a fish and fucks like a porn star. If for no other reason, I would recommend you watch this show based on the amount of boobs alone. Literally at least one new fucking smoke show that you’ve never seen before who gets naked and fucks Hank per episode. So all you guys out there, this show should be right up your alley, unless you prefer wieners. Aside from the boobs, this show is just incredibly well written, ironically enough since its about a writer. It also shows a father (Hank) trying to get his life and family back together while struggling with alcoholism, going through ups and downs with his ex wife, who is an absolute angel of a human being, and his daughter, who in the later seasons becomes a teenager filled with hate for her absentee father. Great story. Great show. Great boobs. Amen.

2) Dexter


This is one of those shows I was talking about where I hadn’t seen a single episode until it was well into the show. I just started watching this a few months ago, when it was 7 seasons deep. Again, from the first episode I knew I was hooked. Knocked out all 7 seasons of hour long episodes in just about a month. Fucking awesome storyline. Dexter, who is naturally the main character and seen above, is a blood spatter analyst working in forensics for the Miami Police Department. His job is to look at the blood in a crime seen and figure out what happened. And he is astonishingly good at it. The main reason he is so damn good at his job is because he himself is a serial killer. Hell of a twist of a plot to start the show off with if you ask me. Only thing that makes him different from all the sick fucks out there killing innocent people is he goes after the sick fucks. All the people who slipped through the fingers of the justice system. He follows a code laid out by his father when he noticed that Dexter was well on his way to becoming one of those sick fucks at a young age. Great all around show with a bunch of pleasantly surprising cameo’s throughout the seasons.

1) Game of Thrones


And here we have it. The end all and be all of shows. Easily my favorite show ever made, and its just two season in. I missed the whole first season while it was airing live, but I would always hear whispers about how unreal this show was. I’m sort of a scifi/fantasy fanatic thanks to my dad, so when I started reading about the show I knew I would love it. The first season consisted of 10 hour long episodes. I started it one day before work and got hooked and knocked 3 out of the way before I had to go in. The second I got back from work, I knocked 4 more out that night. Then woke up the next morning and finished the last 3 before going into work again. Just crushed 10 hours in less than a 24 hour span. If that’s not considered highly addicting than I don’t know what is. That certainly made it a lot harder when the 2nd season came out because I would have to wait a whole fucking week to watch the next episode. I practically went crazy. And with the way the 2nd season ended, I absolutely cannot wait for the 3rd season, which premiers March 31. Do yourself a favor and catch up on the first 2 seasons in preparation for that date. If you start now you will without a doubt finish up before the premier. Hell you could probably start a week before the premier and still finish up, it’s that good. And even with all the fantasy/scifi shit going on, they still manage to fit an incredible amount of sex, boobs, and humor into this show. Pretty much seals the deal if you ask me. There’s so much going on in this show that I don’t even want to get into all of it because I’ll probably end up leaving a bunch of shit out and you will more than likely have no fucking idea what I’m talking about. Just take my advice and get hooked. You can thank me later.

  1. roxyboots says:

    Being in the UK I haven’t come across the other but I totally agree on Number 1 and 5! Awesome series and the books for GOT are fantastic!

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