this bro had a quadruple double and i’m not impressed.

Posted: January 18, 2013 by snipe in Sports

YahooEven for Karl Towns Jr.’s lofty standards, his performance for Metuchen (N.J.) St. Joseph School’s basketball team against Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter’s Prep was pretty remarkable. By game’s end, Towns Jr. had accumulated one of the rarest statistical feats one can encounter: A quadruple double. 

As noted by the Newark Star-Ledger and USA Today, among other sources, Towns Jr. completed St. Joseph’s 82-66 victory against St. Peter’s with 16 points, 17 rebounds, 11 blocked shots and 11 assists. Just think about that for a second … 11 blocked shots and 11 assists!


Never been more unimpressed by something in my fucking life. You know how many quadruple doubles I’ve had/contributed to in my life? Like 18. Easily. I personally had at least 12 between the ages of 8-12. In 6th grade we beat Saint Bernard’s like 88-11 and I  think 3 of us had quadros. That’s how common they were. We called them quadros. Those little fuckers didn’t stand a chance we probably had 30 steals as a team before the moms in the crowd made us stop. My AAU teammate Damian Saunders had a quadro in front of 200+ Division 1 coaches against Gani Lawal, Lacedarius Dunn, Tony Woods, and Jeff Teague. I had 18 assists in that game because I’m a team player and a good friend. Moral of the story is that this kid and Yahoo sports and anyone else who thinks this is “news” can go fuck themselves. Just your run of the mill quadro. Nothing to see here. As you were.

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