Earl Sweatshirt – Blade

Posted: January 18, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week
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Some more fire coming at you curtsey of Earl, with fellow OFWGKTA member Domo Genesis on the beat. This will be the first of two songs with Domo and Earl, the second of which will feature some rhymes from Domo as well. This is a pretty short song but I fucking love the beat and it was this song when I first heard it when I started seeing the similarity between Earl and that early Eminem shit. Like this part, “the night striker, im ridin her, up-tyin her. theres nine vicodins stuck inside of the windpipes of her. a little bit of sherm sure provokes the fuckin fight in her. she started bitin cuz im givin cock like its advice to her”. Love it. More Domo and Earl coming soon.


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