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Posted: January 16, 2013 by woody in Music
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Eminem is hands down the most talented lyricist on the planet. I got into this debate with a few choice friends earlier today, and I felt I should speak on it. Let me first clarify what I mean by “most talented lyricist”. I’m not saying hes the best rapper ever, I’m not saying he’s my favorite rapper ever, those things are all debatable. I am, however, saying that Eminem is by far the most talented MC when it comes to just straight lyrics, rhyming things people would never think of rhyming, multi-syllable rhymes, word play, that type of thing. He can be funny on a song and do it, and he can be sad or angry on a song and do it. Doesn’t matter what type of song. If you think about it this way, imagine going into a rap battle against someone. Who would be the last person you would want to go up against? Eminem. Easily. He would humiliate me and any other person in the world to the point of death. Like your heart would explode from feeling so ashamed of yourself. Instant death. In case you needed further proof other than my own very well educated opinion, well hold on to your sacks. To best illustrate what I’m talking about, I will be showing you two of his songs from his first CD that most people don’t even know exists, “Infinite”. This is when he was raw as fuck, similar to when Nas dropped “Illmatic” aka the best CD ever made. First, a feel good track showing his funny side and immaculate lyrically ability, “Tonight”.

A couple of his most impressive lines include rhyming “naughty hints” with “audience”, which I can guarantee no one has ever said, how he starts his second verse, “ayo, biters are like tarantulas, vandealous. living as scandalous as a television evangelist. but i can handle this, im the rhyme biter, crime fighter, caped crusader takin care of undeserving lime lighters”, and finally “ive got miracle lyrical capability all in me with the agility to escape a killer be colony” which more or less is exactly my point. Basically the whole song is full of ridiculous lines but those are my favorites.

This next song is one of those where he’s not trying to be some funny ass dude, he gets real on the track, but still manages to absolutely murder it. It’s the title track “Infinite” off of the album.

This dude says, “imitator, intimidator, stimulator, simulator of data, eliminator. theres never been a greater, since the burial of jesus, fuck around and catch all of the venereal diseases. my thesis will smash a stereo to pieces, my acapella releases plastic masterpieces through telekinesis”. Then starts the third verse with, “man i got evidence, im never dense, and i been clever ever since my residence was hesitant to do some shit that represents the M-O. so im assuming all responsibility, cuz theres a monster will in me, that always wants to kill MC’s”. That should just about do it. Honestly you can go through pretty much any one of his songs he has ever come out with and if you actually take the time to listen to how he rhymes words and what he’s actually saying you can’t help but be blown away. So here’s to you Marshall Mathers, thanks for 16 years of incredible music. Hoping for 16 more.


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