What Happened To America?

Posted: January 15, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Nowadays I usually find myself questioning humanity. I honestly don’t know if I’m just some fucking weirdo who thinks of things in logical, common sense ways, like that’s something of the past, or if people are really going that crazy. Just taking a quick look at the headline of this article, “New York youth soccer club bans high fives and handshakes amid growing flu scare” is enough to make me want to throw up. Since when did America stop becoming, “land of the free, home of the brave” and start becoming, “land of the fat and stupid, home of the pussies”. How did we get to where we are today? Your gonna try to tell me that your not going to allow fucking kids give each other high fives, one of the most American things I can think of, because of the flu.  It baffles me how absurd the media is reporting about the flu. Like its something new that has never happened before. Hey, America, everyone gets the flu, especially during the winter. Big fucking deal. That’s why they invented beer and weed. Literally the cure to any sickness. I’m truly appalled by this and I feel sincerely sorry for kids who have to grow up in today’s world thinking the cast on Jersey Shore is cool and the bullshit they hear on the Maroon5, I mean radio, is music, and I could go on forever about how fucked out culture is but I’ll spare you the time. Figure it out America.


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