NFL Playoff Check In

Posted: January 15, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports

2-2. Usually not gonna get it done. Unfortunately my hate for the Pats and my love for the Packers overshadowed my knowledge of the game. Also didn’t picture Kaepernick running for 183 yards, setting the all time record for a QB in any game, let alone the playoffs, but hey, what can you do. That’s why sports are sports. But despite my attempts to “YOLO”, I continue to wake up every morning feeling like a piece of shit and life goes on. So we have another week to capitalize on. Unlike my “friend”, I have a different take on this week’s coming games because although he claims that I’m the one who knows nothing, if you check the records you will see that my predictions are correct more often than not. While I do agree with his line in the first matchup between the Ravens and Pats, because if you think this is going to be any more than a 7 point game then you should probably go do a lap, I refuse to root for the Pats. I know this tactic fucked me in the ass on Sunday, but the Texans didn’t have the best linebacker I ever saw play during my lifetime asking his teammates to lay it all on the line for “one last ride”. Winning the way they did in Denver, which by the way was probably the best playoff game I ever remember seeing, is just another sign that they are the team of destiny this postseason. Flacco had a hell of a game, which is a confidence booster, and despite giving up 35 points, 14 of which were due to bullshit kick returns, I still think the Ravens can pull this one out. Or maybe it’s “I want the Ravens to pull this one out”. Either way, fuck it. 100% take the Ravens on the line, that’s a no brainer, but I’m going to say they win this game. I’d be way too afraid to face Ray Lewis in the locker room otherwise. Plus they were my preseason pick in the AFC to make the Super Bowl, before all the bullshit injuries they had to deal with, so I gotta stick to that. Ravens win. Now, onto the second matchup of the weekend, Falcons vs. 49ers. I have to admit that with the -4 line for the 49ers, I am a little hesitant to make a bet on that one way or the other. I think that the Falcons will make this a hell of a close game or it will be a blow out for San Fran. So I won’t speak on the line, because I only bet when I am positive on a outcome, but I will say this. The 49ers are going to win this game. When they are on, they are the best team in football, hands down. Its not a competition. And with the way Kaepernick is playing, getting better each time he takes the field, I just don’t see the Falcons defense being able to stop him. I love the Falcons passing attack, I’ve said that 1000 times before, and I’m truly happy for Matty Ice for finally winning a playoff game, but I’m not as sold on their defense. The 49ers, on the other hand, have the complete package when they are rolling on all cylinders. I don’t care if the Falcons are at home or if this game is in a dome or on asphalt or fucking on the moon. Barring the entire 49ers team getting blown up by a suicide bomber before the game, I can’t picture them losing. I’ll admit again that I’m being biased based on my preseason picks for the Super Bowl, because I had the 49ers in the NFC (which should have been the Super Bowl matchup last year if it weren’t for two fumbled punts and a missed chip shot field goal), but I just think San Fran is the better team. Harbaugh brotherly matchup in the Super Bowl, what more could you ask for. 49ers win.


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