Where Am I?

Posted: January 12, 2013 by woody in Fun

You ever wake up in the morning, fully clothed, shoes still on, face down in the couch, and just be like, whoa. If the answer is yes, you and I probably live similar lives, if the answer is no then your more than likely a fucking loser. This morning was one of those times. Too many bud heavies and shots at the bar last night I guess, but it was in celebration for a friends birthday, so anything goes. Besides, I only drink on two occasions. When it’s my birthday, and when it’s not. Also, what is a hangover? I never understood what it really meant. There’s only one time in my life where I’ve woken up and felt like absolute dog shit, or had a “hangover”, so I just preceded to walk outside and throw up. And then I felt like a million bucks. Otherwise I’ll just sleep. I honestly don’t get it. Ever heard of a glass of ice water and a freshly packed bowl? That’s easily the reason God invented weed. By the way, good call God. Anyways, I just finished step one of the cure, so now on to step two.

On a completely separate note: I really hate country music, and that is all that is ever on at the only fucking bar we have in Kent anymore. I have nightmares about it at night. George Strait just strumming on the guitar talking about his pick up truck and his new girlfriend (sister). Why the fuck do I still live in Narnia, get me to civilization please.

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