Cassidy vs. Meek Mill

Posted: January 12, 2013 by woody in Music

Figure it was about time for me to speak on this beef. For starters, Cassidy is one of my sneaky favorite rappers. His punch lines are incredible. He’s never really made a great all around album, but in terms of just spitting, he’s up there. Meek Mill isn’t exactly my cup of tea. All that hype shit isn’t really my style. He has a few songs that I fuck with but overall, not one of my favorites. So I’m already a little bias from the get go. But all that aside, Cassidy put Meek to bed with the most recent diss track. The beef started when over twitter, naturally, when Cassidy retweeted a fan who asked why Meek hadn’t done a track with Cass since he got signed, seeing as Cassidy was basically Meek’s mentor when he was coming up in Philly. Meek took it way too personally in my opinion and started saying all this shit about Cassidy, saying he was a “hater” (a term which I fucking hate by the way, but that’s for another time) and calling him out for having no money. Pretty ridiculous thing for a beef to start over, but I guess that’s just the world we live in nowadays. So it obviously escalated to diss tracks. Cassidy’s first track was alright, nothing special, and then Meek responded with his track “Repo”.

Also really nothing that special. Just a few jabs here and there, but for some reason has been getting an absurd amount of Maroon5 play, I mean radio play. Meek then went to twitter again and said that if Cassidy doesn’t respond with a track that night than the beef is “done” and he won. Well, unfortunately for Meek he’s not president of the universe. Cassidy didn’t respond with a track that night, but the beef was far from over. 5 days ago he came out with this 10 minutes diss called “R.A.I.D” which stands for Robert Ass Is Dead.

I haven’t heard anyone go in so hard on another rapper since Nas came out with “Ether”. Not only does he hop on a plethora of classic beats, he just completely puts Meek Mill to shame. Finally a knock out blow from one of them. I don’t care what Meek comes out with after this, he is done. My man Cassidy said, “you turned into a fag to get your cash up, but I’d rather be broke than get my ass fucked”. Pahhhh. In my humble opinion, thats game, set, match. But I’ll let you guys be the judge.


  1. mc poopants says:

    my moneys on cass all day…but i had to agree with meek mill when he said that “condom style” was the worst hip hop song in a while. “…but her ass was fat as Oprah’s, so ima get that bocha, and ima stroke her cocha..” da fuck?

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