what age would you be if you had to be one age forever?

Posted: January 11, 2013 by snipe in Fun


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Brooke Greenberg may look like an infant, but she is actually 20 years old.

Despite her increasing age, Brooke has remained physically and cognitively similar to a toddler, with an estimated mental age of nine months to one year.

Appearing on Katie with her parents and 17-year-old sister, Brooke, who is from Maryland, is unable to talk, still has her baby teeth and like any infant, travels in a push chair – but doctors have never been able to explain why.

I have never been more intrigued slash blown away in my entire life. This is like some crazy alien superhuman comic book shit. I mean this broad hasn’t grown in FIFTEEN years!? I mean yeah it probably sucks not being able to talk or walk or do fucking anything but, imagine if this bitch had stopped growing when she was 21 and was just a normal 21 year old for the rest of her fucking life. Just chillin on campus for like 60 years blacking out 7 nights a week getting disrespected by unimaginable amounts of unprotected venereal disease cock. If I was stuck anywhere between 19-22 for the rest of my life I wouldn’t make it to my 6th year of being that age. Easily dead by my 5th 21st birthday. Easily. At first I thought it’d be sick to be 12 again and dominate like 7 sports and jerk off for the first time and all that good stuff but the more I thought about it, there is nothing good about being a virgin. And not just a sex virgin. Like prior to the introduction of outside influences that make unfun things so much fun, life is pretty fucking boring. Getting driven to and from everything in your mom’s car is for the birds. Stick me at 21 for the next 60 years and I’d be like Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper, Albert Einstein, Artie Lang, and Juicy J all rolled into one unstoppable diabolical wrecking ball of awesomeness. You know those videos of when they test atom bombs out in some place where somehow no one is within like 9 billion miles? It’d be kinda like that.

This chick needs to quit complaining and realize that if not for a few minor differences, she’s basically living the dream life that all of us wish we had. Gotta play the cards your dealt.

Serious question would you rather be this chick or Sam Cassell?

Sam Cassell


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