i wish…

Posted: January 11, 2013 by snipe in Music

If I had been born in 1980 I feel like I’d be a completely different and more importantly better person. Imagine being an early teenage easily influenced kid when this song came out. I honestly want nothing more in life than to be 15 years old in 1993 rocking the OG 4’s and St John’s snapback sitting on a stoop with a boombox ripping heaters with my boys. No iPhones. No Twitter. No Instagram. No Pinterest. Whatever the fuck that is. Just Inspectah Deck and the rest of the Clan spitting absolute fire showcasing talent that clearly doesn’t exist in today’s “rap” culture. Honestly, ODB would have murdered 75% of the rappers out right now for how terrible they are. Easily.

If you don’t think the first verse of Triumph is the most incredible piece of lyricism in the history of spoken word then no exaggeration I hope you cease to exist in the next day or two.

The world would be such a better place if Dirt McGirt was still with us. Pour some out.


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