Get This Guy An NFL Contract

Posted: January 8, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports


So apparently this is some dude who plays soccer in some fucking European country. He just absolutely puts every NFL kicker to shame here. What a boot this guy has on him. Just blasting off from 60 yards like it aint no thang. Fucking karate kicking it in? Like what? Then he starts bending it in through the goal posts like he’s taking a corner kick. And then, naturally, he just starts bombing them about a mile if I had to guess over mountains and rivers and shit. Imagine having him lining up for an onsides kick and just nailing one off some dudes dome piece like he nails that sign. I would not want to be that guy. The jets should probably sign this dude immediately and just put him at QB, have the NFL make some crazy rule change making it legal to kick the ball to your players, and just have this dude boot it 80 yards for a TD all day. Boom. QB problem solved. Seriously though I need to see this man in the NFL and I needed to see it yesterday.

  1. […] wrote about this guy back in January, with the the headline “Get This Guy An NFL Contract”. Well, turns out someone actually […]

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