NFL Playoff Predictions

Posted: January 5, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports

So the time has come for me to look like a genius again and make my playoff picks. For this first post, I’ll just stick to the wild card games, and on Monday, when we have the rest of the matchups lined up, I’ll let yall know how the rest of the playoffs will play out. Ok so first up, today we have a battle between two Rookie Of The Year candidates at the QB position, with the Redskins vs the Seahawks. If this game were in Seattle, I would without a doubt be going with them, as much as I love RG3, just because they are literally unbeatable at home. But unfortunately for the Seahawks, that isn’t the case. So that makes thing a lot more interesting. My head is still telling me to stick with Seattle, but my heart is saying RG3, and its my heart that guides me, my mind just follows. So I’m going with RG3 and the number 1 rushing attack in football this year in a close call. Redskins win. Later tonight we have a matchup between my favorite team, the Packers, and the Vikings, or, lets be honest, Adrian Peterson. AP is fresh off a 199 yard game against the packers last week, but that was in Minnesota. Lambeau in the playoffs is a whole different animal. Little fun fact I read today, Christian Ponder hasn’t played in a game where the temp is less than 40 degrees. Well, tonight its going to be between 15-20 degrees with a wind chill, and a chance of snow. The Packers are used to that kind of weather, Ponder, not so much. Granted, Minnesota’s offense virtually is just AP, I’m obviously gonna go with my favorite team at home, especially after losing to the same team last week, they’ll have a chip on their shoulder. Packers win. In tomorrow’s wild card matchups, first we have the Colts vs Ravens. All week I was leaning towards the surprise Colts, but then Ray Lewis announced he was retiring and this will be his “last ride” with his teammates. He has also been cleared to play. After hearing that, there is no way in hell the Ravens lose this game. Everyone on that team is now hyped to lay it all on the line for Ray, one of the greatest defensive players of all time and possibly the greatest leader of all time. Plus the Ravens D is gonna fuck up Andrew Luck like the pussy he is. Ravens win. Lastly, we have a rematch of last years wild card matchup with the Bengals vs Texans. I took the Bengals last year against my better judgement, and that is a mistake I wont be making again. Although I’m tempted to take them, I just see Arian Foster having a big game and keeping the Bengals D on the field for a long time. Plus the Texans will have Schaub instead of third string QB. And I can’t forget about JJ “Swatt”, who is the fucking man. So, as much as I do like the Bengals as a team and don’t like the Texans, I can’t fight facts. Texans win. Ill check in on Monday to see how things went.

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