David Stern Has Lost His Marbles

Posted: December 4, 2012 by woody in Sports

Well, its official. David Stern is a nut job. Logic and reason just apparently don’t matter to this man anymore. Last year, when a deal was in place to send Chris Paul to the Lakers, which was a very fair and reasonable trade for all three teams involved in the trade might I add, David Stern literally just said no. Not really much of a reason behind it, he just didn’t want it to happen. I didn’t think much of it because I hate the Lakers and I love Chris Paul, and I would hate to have to watch him tear it up for the Lakers. But in retrospect, that was utterly ridiculous that Stern just flat out didn’t allow the trade to happen. However, now he has taken it to a whole nother level, recently fining Spurs coach Greg Popovich $250,000 (yes you read that right. A quarter million dollars.) for simply giving his 3 oldest players a nights rest after playing 5 games in 7 days on the road. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili, along with Danny Green, were all sent home early. The reason Stern has such a big stick up his ass about it is that it was a nationally televised games vs the Miami Heat, and Stern believes that what Popovich did was a “disservice to the league and its fans”. Aka the NBA might not have made millions of dollars for one night out of the year. Big fucking deal. Popovich is the coach, he can play who he wants. If he wants to rest his 3 best players, who have a combined age of 101, then he has every right to do so, especially with so many games in a short period of time.  Seriously how old is Tim Duncan? Was the ever a time when he wasn’t playing in the NBA. I honestly don’t remember. One time he was fucking listed as “DNP – too old”, which was absolutely hilarious and big ups to Popovich for listing him as that. Ginobili has been bald since the cold war. If they want to rest they should. Being healthy for the playoffs is all that matters. Stern needs to realize its not all about money and quit being a little bitch. Maybe he has Alzheimer’s disease or something, then at least he’d have an excuse. Until then, this is all I can think of now when I hear of David Stern:





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