Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself….

Posted: November 29, 2012 by woody in Fun

My name is HOV!!!! Nah just playin. My name is actually Woody. And this is me returning to the blog game. Laptop broke over the summer and it sent my world into a spiral of confusion and despair. Wasn’t able to get a replacement soon enough, so I just got out of the “blogging mode” that is essential to keep my fans updated and informed. Low and behold, I just remembered that before laptops, there were desktop computers, and we have one of those. Not exactly as convenient as layin up in bed tellin yall how it is, but I figured its about damn time I come back, because I would hate to deprive the public of my impeccable taste in good, new, hip hop, my uncanny knack for knowing everything about sports, and my undying love for fun. So, I again find myself on the forefront of the blogging world, and my re-dedication to giving everyone quality material is unrivaled. Let the games begin…

  1. I take full credit for instigating your comeback.

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