NHL Playoff Update

Posted: June 1, 2012 by woody in NHL

Well, 1 for 2 aint bad, but that was a very unexpected result in the New York vs. New Jersey series. I underestimated the Devils offense, but to be honest, I think Lundqvist, arguably the best goalie in the league, just didn’t show up. For what reason, I’m not sure. Maybe he lost confidence when the Devils won their first game 3-2 off of 2 garbage tip goals, maybe he just doesn’t have the heart of a winner. But the man we saw in net all year up to this point was just nowhere to be found in any of the games in this series, and that was the difference. Big ups to Brodeur for making one last run at the cup when everyone thought he was done. He was the better goalie in the series, and the team with the better goalie wins 99% of the time in hockey in the playoffs. That being said, after the Kings convincing victory vs. the Coyotes (took 5 games instead of 4, which is what I predicted), I just don’t see how they will loose this series. Quick is playing as good or better than any goalie in the playoffs. Period. And their offense has been clicking on all cylinders throughout the playoffs. They are simply the better team. Brodeur will have something to say about that though, and only because of the respect that I have for him, I’m saying Kings in 6.

  1. John Eaton says:

    kings in 6 woody? don’t give the devils that much respect

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