NBA Playoff Update

Posted: May 30, 2012 by woody in NBA

Sorry about being two days late on this, I was enjoying my Memorial Day Weekend with my beloved hounds. That being said, I learned my lesson after that last round. Always stick with your original pick, your gut instinct. I had the Heat winning in 6, but changed it to the Pacers after they won a game in Miami. Oh well. You live and you learn. Otherwise I had a great round. Called the Lakers Thunder series to a tee. Called the Celtics Sixers series to a tee. Missed by one game on the Spurs Clippers series, figured CP3 would have been able muster up somethig and win one game in LA but he choked in that last game. Hard. So on to the Conference Finals. First up, we got the Thunder Spurs series. I’ll admit, I only managed to watch the last 8 minutes of the first game so I don’t have much analysis to base this pick on. Howver, as much as I respect the Spurs and despite how good I know they are (they quite literally have no weakness. Theyve got youth, experience, 3point shooters, low post scorers, a floor general running the point, play great defense individually and as a team, and have the best coach in the league) but even with all that, I’m going to stick with my preseason pick to win it all. The Thunder. I know its going to take a lot, probably at least 65 combined points from Westbrook and Durant in any game they want to have a chance of winning, but I have faith and I learned to not change original picks last round. So, Thunder in 7. In the other series, we have the Heat vs. Celtics. Going to be one hell of a series. Physical as fuck too. We already saw in game 1 a bunch of bullshit technicals called, so I bet we’re in for some hard play the rest of the way and some hard fouls that warrant a tech. Like I’ve said many times before. I fucking hate the Heat and everything they stand for. So my heart wants to pick the Celtics. But the fact is Lebron is the most talented player on the planet and Wade is playing his best basketball all season. The Celtics won’t go easy, and honestly they could win in 7 because anything can happen in game 7’s, but I just don’t see it happening. Heat in 7.


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