Best Fruit Snack Of All Time

Posted: May 22, 2012 by woody in Food

As promised, here is the poll and ranking for the best fruit snacks of all time. I like to consider myself somewhat of a fruit snack/gummy connoisseur, so I take this shit pretty seriously. Let the voting and debating begin.

My List:

10. Dots – I actually like Dots a lot. But the problem is that only the red, green, and pink are good. That instantly puts it at a huge disadvantage. Plus, this list is just full of yummy snacks.

9. Fruit Roll Ups – The only thing that saved it from being at the bottom of the list was the Pizza Fruit Roll Ups because it was very entertaining to build your own pizza and add your toppings before stuffing it all into your mouth. Also, that tattoo ones were pretty sick.

8. Lifesaver Fruit Chews – Could be higher on the list, because all of the flavors are pretty decent, but I feel like they are just so plain and boring, so it slipped.

7. Starbursts – Same thing with the Lifesavers, I think all the flavors are pretty good, especially pink and red, but also are kinda boring. And they’re individually wrapped, so its just a pain in the ass to eat quickly.

6. Fruit By The Foot – Coulda been higher on the list, but only consists of one flavor when eating one. Not exactly a good look. That being said, if you didn’t unravel the entire 3 feet and eat all of it at once, then your a pussy and we probably can’t be friends.

5. Swedish Fish – If it were just the red ones we were talking about, then this would definitely be higher, but when considering the green, orange, and yellow, shit just doesn’t compare to the next four.

4. Black Forrest Gummy Worms – Not just a dope song from OCD, but also a great snack. Just mastering the multi-flavor technique, and adding a little sour sugar coating to top it all off. Can’t go wrong with these.

3. Gushers – All fat kid reviews aside, just an absolute classic in terms of fruit snacks. The juicy center is an absolute game changer. And with a wide variety of flavors, what else could you ask for.

2. Shark Bites – The one and only reason they are this high is because of the white shark bites. Those are hands down the best flavor of any fruit snack of all time. If you disagree then I feel bad for you.

1. Watermelon Sour Patch Kids – I’m pretty sure everyone has to agree that these are easily the best one on this list. Even if it were regular Sour Patch Kids, they would be number 1 on my list. But the Watermelon ones are just a taste-bud-induced orgasm. No other way to put it. I don’t think a package has ever lasted more than 18 seconds because they are so good you have to eat them all at once.


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