NHL Playoff Preview

Posted: May 16, 2012 by woody in NHL

I know I’m a little late with this, as we’re already one game into the East Conference Finals and two games into the Western Conference Finals, but I always play the hand I’m dealt. In the Eastern Conference Finals, we got the New York Rangers vs. the New Jersey Devils. Props to the Devils for making it this far, Brodeur has bolstered his case for being considered the best goalie of all time, but they simply aren’t going to beat the Rangers. Lundqvist is one of the top two goalies in the league right now, arguably the greatest, although Quick might have something to say about that, and the Devils just aren’t good enough offensively to score enough against him. And last time I checked, if you can’t score, your not going to win. So I’m saying Rangers in 5, and I’m only giving the Devils a game out of respect for Brodeur. In The Western Conference Finals, we got the Los Angeles Kings vs. the Phoenix Coyotes. Again, props to the Coyotes on making it this far, I really like their team and Mike Smith is delivering a facial to every team in the NHL for passing on him because of how well he has played, but unfortunately for the Coyotes, they opposing team’s goalie is the other top two goalie in the league. And just like the Devils, the Coyotes just aren’t good enough offensively to outscore the Kings high-powered offense. Kings are already up 2-0, so its pretty easy at this point that the Kings will win. I’m saying Kings in 4. I’ll get back to you on the Stanley Cup Finals matchup, which should be a hell on a series, when both teams have officially advanced.


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