10 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2011

Posted: January 13, 2012 by woody in Music

I know traditionally, I’m about 12 days late to getting to my “best of’s” from 2011, but I do whatever the fuck I want so I could honestly care less. Hell of a year we had for the hip hop world in 2011. Just endless amounts of quality music being put out now, and with so many promising MC’s emerging over the past few years, I feel that its only going to get better this year, so we have that to look forward to before we all die in December (2012 blog to come in the near future). So here’s a recap of the best 10 hip hop albums that came out last year in my opinion, which everyone knows is the only what that matters because when it comes to certain topics, such as hip hop and sports and the such, I just flat out know what I’m talking about.

10) Coming in at #10, we got Wale’s “Ambition”. Love Wale as an artist, but thought this was going to be a little better. Was a little commercial on some of the songs, but overall still a great CD. Favorite song has gotta be “Miami Nights”. Just one of those songs to bump loud as fuck before you go out.

9) At #9, we have “We Are Renegades” by Pharaohe Monch, one of the most well respected MC’s of all time. This was probably one of the most lyrical albums to ever be put out. This dude is just a straight magician with words. My favorite song off of it is probably “Assassins”, where we see some guest appearances from the best female MC of all time, hands down no question about it (not on some nikki minaj bullshit or however you spell that sluts name) and of course my man Nickel 9.

8) Next up, we got Raekwon’s CD, “Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang“. Just a plethora of gems on this one. With all star guest appearances from Method Man, Ghostface, Busta, Black Thought, Nas, and more, it doesn’t disappoint at all. My favorite track….gotta go with “Rich & Black”. Nas is the guest feature, so enough said.

7) Game’s “The R.E.D.  Album“. Absolutely fucking loved this CD. If you don’t like game, fuck off, you don’t know hip hop. A ton of great songs to choose from, but my favorite track, hands down, has to be “Martians vs. Goblins”. Just a hilarious song, with Tyler the Creator (one of the funniest dudes alive) throwing down a verse. And a hell of a music video.

6) Common “The Dreamer/The Believer”. Just snuck it in before the end of the year, but nonetheless, it was easily one of the best of the year. There a bunch of jams on this that I have been playing since the album came out, but none better to describe the holidays and the start of a new year then his track “Celebrate”. If this song doesn’t put a smile on your face, then that sucks for you. Quick side note on the Drake/Common beef —> Drake, you loose.

5) Starting off the top 5, we have J. Cole’s debut album, “Cole World: The Sideline Story”. If you didn’t know already, Cole is  in my top 3 artists at this point in my life. Everything he does is incredible. His debut album caught a lot of flack, for much of it sounding “the same”, but I would have to disagree with that. Cole showed a wide range of emotions while still bringing the heat lyrically, and I thought it was a great CD. Could it have been better? Yea, and I expect his next one to improve on this one. Either way, hell of a debut album. It was a toss up for favorite track between “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Sideline Story”, so I just went with my girl Missy Elliot on the hook.

4) Coming in at #4, which I almost feel wrong for not putting it higher on my list, is “Undun” by The Roots. The latest concept album from the modern day Tribe Called Quest, “Undun” delivered in a big way. When listening to it all the way through, from start to finish, you can’t help but be blown away by the story. Black Thought is top 5 of all time in my opinion, and he gets nowhere near the respect he deserves for all the classic music he has made over the years. It pisses me the fuck off that 9 out of 10 people could tell me who Soldier Boy or Fagboy Bieber is and probably 2 out of 10 could tell me who Black Thought is. Just the whacky ways of the world I guess. Anyways, best song on the album had to be “The Otherside”. Just a perfect example of how good Black Thought is.

3) Next up, Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Watch The Throne”. I know Snipe will yell at me for this one, but he no longer has a say here at WeLoveFun, because, well, he hates fun now. Anyways, this was definitely the best tour of the year, but that’s only because they were playing all the hits throughout their whole career. So that doesn’t affect “album of the year” status. But this was obviously a tremendous album, seeing as I have it here at #3. Two of the most successful rappers of all time coming together, what else did you expect? My favorite track has gotta be “The Joy”. With Pete Rock on the beat, and Jay and Kanye both spitting, I don’t really know what else you could ask for.

2) At #2, and I gotta admit, I went back and forth for hours over these last two, is Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, “Section 80”. If you don’t know Kendrick yet, you will soon. Dude has just been blowing up all over the west coast, just hasn’t gained that much mainstream popularity over here on the east coast yet. But he will, and rightfully so. On some higher level shit, Kendrick actually takes the time to rap about shit that actually matters. “Kush & Corinthians” is probably my favorite song on the album, because there’s so much meaning in the lyrics, but honestly you can’t go wrong with any track on it. Fucking great CD.

1) Finally, with the best hip hop album of 2011, headlined by a man who has climbed to the top of my favorite MC’s list in an extraordinarily short amount of time, Blu & Exile released their sophomore follow up to “Below The Heavens” (which is one of my favorite albums of all time), and in my opinion, one upped their first project. Exile is just a hell of a producer, another guy who goes underappreciated to most. And Blu is a fucking poet. Honestly, do yourself a favor, and don’t just listen to the one song I throw up here. The Youtube link has the whole album’s worth of songs on a playlist if you click on it, listen to the whole thing. It is unbelieveable. From the second I heard this album, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. And were coming up on almost month straight of just nonstop Blu. So enjoy, here’s the best song (even though their all basically the best song) on the album, “The Only One”. Listen to all the lyrics closely, because you won’t truly appreciate how amazing this dude’s lyrics are unless you take the time to listen.

  1. I am the 9th Wonder says:

    hella good list, the new and upcoming true mc’s and the go’s stay faithful to the game. fire, minus kanye….ew

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